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What are wager requirements and why have they been brought in?

Wager Requirements are here to ensure that our amazing, loyal roomies (if you're reading this, then that's YOU!) are the ones who getting what they deserve; big wins, huge prizes and massive bonuses! We used to be limited to the amount of bonus we could give away... but not anymore!

There are many players who play on our site, most of who enjoy our offers as they were intended. Unfortunately, there are a select group of players who take advantage of our good nature and abuse the system. They turn YOUR bonuses into wins and run into the sunset and quite frankly, we're sick of it! We want our loyal, trusted roomies to benefit from our good nature and now we can!

With our new system, YOUR bonuses will now be BIGGER and BETTER than ever! The winnings will be going to the right people; the loyal players who come to enjoy what we have to offer and love to be showered in goodies!

That sounds good, how does it benefit me?

We're now able to give you incredible, never seen before offers, promotions, prizes, games and most importantly - HUGE BONUSES! Whether you're into Slots or Bingo, we've got something for everyone and now we can give you even MORE!

What's more, we've made it really easy to keep track of your progress, so you'll be able to see exactly where you're up to with all of your bonuses! We'll also make sure you're fully aware of any wager requirements with each bonus you receive; we know it's best to be up front!

How does it actually affect my play?

Whenever you receive a bonus, it will come with a pre-defined wager requirement. The standard Bingo Bonus wager requirement is x6 and Slots Bonus is x80. This means that if you played a game with your bonus funds and you won, then your winnings would go to your Bonus Balance until you have played through the required wager requirement for the bonus you won from.

Here's a real life example of a Bingo Bonus this to make it a little easier to understand:

Deposit Amount: £10
100% Bingo Bonus Match: £10
Wager requirement: x6

After playing with your cash, you're left with £10 Bingo Bonus. Any wins from this Bingo Bonus will go to your Bonus Balance until you've played through a total of £60. This doesn't mean you need to deposit any more, it just means you need to stake a total of £60 from this bonus and any wins from this bonus before it turns to cash.

You're not missing out or losing out on anything because these wins came from a FREE Bonus!

How can I see where I'm up to with each bonus?

It's easy to track where you're up to with each of your bonuses and you can easily see what you have to do to make more cash! Simply click on "My Account" on your PC or Laptop and navigate to "My Bonuses". We'll be making this available on your phone/tablet in the near future.

This page will show you everything you need to know about each bonus, including:

  • When you received each bonus
  • Why you received it
  • What type of bonuses you have available
  • How much you have left to play through before each bonus turns to cash

You can also sort by type of bonus, making it easier to distinguish what is what!

Current Wager Requirements

This is the current wager requirements that we have set for each bonus by loyalty level:

Bonus Type Rookie/ Pro/Champ/Master VIP Exclusive
Non-Deposit Bingo Bonus X6 X6
Deposit Bingo Bonus x6 x2
Non-Deposit Slot Bonus x40 x40
Deposit Slot Bonus x80 * x80 *
Loyalty Point Conversion x6 x6

* The wager requirements for the bonus may differ depending on the offer. Remember to check the specific wagering requirement in every offer you get from us

This table was last updated on 09/02/16.

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